Monday, December 6, 2010

The Outlook

Perspective first started a year ago with just two members (steve and alvino) writing songs with the hopes of starting a straight ahead hardcore/punk band. Although we were both busy with our full time bands (crooked ways and BANKROBBER) we still found the time to practice once a week and write some songs. After a long while,  we finally found our two other members to join us and finish what we started. Joe (guitar) and Cole (bass) joined at the perfect time. Having to learn songs they didnt write and learn a style of playing that isn't theirs, they both quickly have stepped up to the plate. Our very good friend Steve-O Smith cannot go unmentioned. Steve-O, very busy with school and his family and his job found the small amount of free time he had to play bass with us and even record our demo. But with time permitting had to take a step away and focus on his life.

Over a year later since its conception, Perspective, is now a band. We set out to do this project, not to promote the Straight Edge or to change the scene or world, but to bring about a band that would tell a story through personal experiences and show others that there's more to life than what we see. That the negativity and darkness we choose to dwell in is truly a choice. That to obtain a better life is a choice and a choice only we ourselves can obtain and make. Although a band where every member is Straight Edge, Perspective is not a band to preach a lifestyle which we choose to be a personal choice and one for self-betterment.

As time goes on, I will post an explanation for every song on our demo. This is the first time where my writing, lyrically, will be heard beyond me reading them to myself in my room. I have been on stage for years now and have always been a guitar player. But now I have put my guitar in the hands of Joe and have taken the microphone and the voice for this band. This is not for egotistical reasons. I am deathly afraid of talking in front of people. This is more for the purpose to tell my story. To show others the hell I've been through. To show that there is more to a person than the surface. This is in hopes to show others that positivity does belong in hardcore and in life. I believe that just because you are compassionate, empathetic and positive does not make you weak. In fact, facing what drags you down and fighting your inner demons and still finding the strength to stand on your own two feet and carry on with a smile on your face is the true human spirit and not dwelling in our sorrows and negativity to show how "hard" our lives are, like its a reason for self entitlement. These songs are my stories and advice to the world.

Hardcore/Punk is something that is sacred to me. 26 years of life has shown me that I am different than the rest of society. I refuse to follow downstream with everyone else. I will fight upstream and live a life that is right for me and show the world that we are so much more than we are led to believe.


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