Monday, December 27, 2010

"On This Path"

When I set out to write lyrics for this song, I had a special quote in mind that I wanted to base the idea of the lyrics around. "On this path, no effort goes to waste..."-Krsna.
Now Perspective is not a Krsna band, spiritual or religious band. Our members come from different backgrounds and hold different beliefs. This quote reminded me, though, of a more broad idea. 
In life, and more so in hardcore, it is easy to become jaded and calloused to the ever changing nature of the scene. The older kids hate the younger kids. The younger kids feel like they have to live up to the older kids and so on and so forth. Anyways, being an adult that still loves hardcore, I constantly hear remarks on how hardcore is "childish" and it is inevitable to move on. Although I agree in some senses, I still believe that nothing in this world is less in worth when it come to believing in its personal quality.
If we are so easy to give up on something we love, what's worth living life for? As time goes on, excitement and anxiousness is lost. It seems harder to start something, but I feel that its harder to maintain something, to keep the flame alive and keep your mind focused to keep that thing important.
I don't know where anyone will be tomorrow or years down the road, including myself, but I do know that I will not look back and regret all that I've learned and loved from this part of life.

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