Monday, December 20, 2010

"Better Times"

This song musically, when Steve and I wrote it, was our favorite. When I set out to write lyrics for this song, the words of a close friend (Zach) came to mind. He told me that the music itself can tell a story even without lyrics. Welp, I am no storywriter. But the music reminded me, with all of its tempo changes, of life. That we as humans have the capacity to change our outlooks on stigmas that society has been placed for us that we have blindly followed.
Now I know that its a far fetched dream to change the entire world and all of its people to be open minded to diversity, but I'll never sit down and not believe that as a community of punk and hardcore kids we cannot change.
Certain words are used by many to describe something that is not acceptable, whether its the way someone drives, the test you have tomorrow in class, the way someone's acting, etc. But certain words have been created and devised with a particular meaning by society to set those who are "different" apart from everyone. To make them feel like they are inferior to the "norm", like who they are is wrong.
The words "Faggot", "queer" or even "homo"  is an unwarranted way to express disapproval of someone and what they do, especially in a progressive community like the punk community. We are meant to empower one another. We are all black sheep in the eyes of society. We band together because we can relate to each other in one way or another. But to put down someone for whatever reason by using any term that relates to someone who is a homosexual is counter-productive and promotes hate and the acceptance of words that are used to bring others down.
When we all see that we can change this world just within our community starting by creating solidarity and tolerance, only then will we see that this can be a platform to change much much more in such a messed up world. Look in the mirror, look at yourself, and really ask if you'd like to be called a name that made you feel uncomfortable for being who you are and what you naturally feel.

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