Monday, December 27, 2010

"Led To Believe"

This was the first song written musically for this band. It was kinda like the song that set the pace and the stage for what Perspective would sound like. As for the lyrics, before I set out to actually write lyrics I had ideas. Some on the straight edge, others on equal rights, etc. But its easy to see the obvious things in life that are bigger than ourselves and criticize them. But how often do we look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that we are wrong. That the lives we lead are a lie. That time spent on petty things is a waste of time that could be spent really appreciating life and all it has to offer.
A while ago I deleted my personal profiles off of social networking sites like myspace and facebook. One day I took a deep look at my profiles and at a clock and started to realized how much time I spent maintaining and fabricating this second life on the internet. Then it hit harder when I realized that all I was doing was trying to impress others and create a value in a "friend count" and make up stories about myself and using other peoples creative inventions to individualize myself. Lastly, I realized how worked up I would get on what someone would say over the internet or other activities and how much I would let my mind sit on those typed words and pictures.
After that day I started to notice how many of us can only relate to one another and the world around us through a computer screen. Also, it made me notice that we would see all these things on the computer and it would blind us to seeing all that we can be and distract us by showing us all that we "needed". All the material "necessities" we have to have to be happy.
Punk rock and hardcore is a lifestyle some of us choose and others just naturally relate to. We cant relate to the standards in "normal" life. Some of us find salvation and refuge in a garage listening to a band playing fast music and running in a circle in sync to the music. Being 26 years old, Im told it is wrong to still believe in this music. Ive been told to "grow up" and live a normal life where I can make more money so I can be happy and secure.
Society has told us that we should be more concerned on how we look, on what we buy and that the newest and most expensive things will only make us happy. Thats why we see a new cell phone released every couple of months. They tell us that this is all we need to stay happy with ourselves.
But I still believe that music with a message, and a crappy old garage with a bad PA system, and a band playing punk rock can change the world. That all these kids in a room with a common love for something can show the rest of the people that society is wrong.
None of this can happen though, until we all look in the mirror and realize that we are so much more than we are all led to believe.

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