Monday, December 6, 2010


There are a lot of people that have helped in this band already! Since its a long list I figured this would be the best place for them!

Zach and Bubba of Crooked Ways- for helping with filling in and sharing their gear.
Mark Frandsen- for all of his support as a friend and hard work in all he does for our scene.
Steve-O Smith- for his inspiration on me as a person and all of his hard work for this band
BANKROBBER- all the members for sharing Steve and sharing their practice space
Crooked Ways- for all of their support
Citizen- for all of their support and sharing Cole
Joe McElliot- for all of his hard work in recording our demo and putting up with me
Rachel Gierlach- for all of her hard work on our amazing demo layout and design and photos
Jani Smith- for all of her design work help and dealing with me
My dad- for putting up with us every week while we make noise in the basement
Andrew from Blackout Print Designs- for his hard work
Jim Berres- for his input and being a great friend
Bryson Ross- for inspiration
Sarah Leddy- for inspiration
The Blast-O-Mat and everyone there- for providing an all ages and DIY venue to our city
All of our close friends and girlfriends for being supportive and allowing us to do what we love.
and lastly, but not in the mere least, the Straight Edge.

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