Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peaceful Prairie Animal Sanctuary

So this Friday, Sept. 2nd, we are going to be playing a benefit show for Peaceful Prairie Animal Sanctuary at Blastomat with Burials, Sense of Porpoise, Abdicate and the Royal Talons!
Peaceful Prairie is a non profit organization located in Colorado that rescues neglected farmed animals and gives them a safe environment to live and carry on with their natural lives. The sanctuary is run by two people, Michelle and Chris, who do this for their love for these animals. I have been fortunate enough to be able to volunteer their and make a difference in the lives of these remarkable animals. The animals include; goats, cows, pigs, ducks, geese, llamas, sheep, chickens, roosters, peahens and turkeys. They are all victims to abuse, neglect and the overall disregard to them as animals with feelings.
With every aspect that goes into this, we wish that a huge heart and dedication could pay for all of the necessities needed to upkeep the sanctuary and its inhabitants.
This benefit show, where 100% of the proceeds, will help cover maintenance costs, food costs and other costs, will help ensure to keeping a safe home for the residents for years to come.
Please come out and help support a great cause and help us keep a message alive in hardcore and punk and help make a difference in the world.
For more info. go to

We'd also like to thank Plants and Animals Denver for all of their support and help and a preemptive thank you for the delicious baked goods that will be present!

                                          All of the goats enjoying some produce!    

                                          This is Desiree. She's the coolest pig ever!

                                           Justice enjoying some produce donated by Whole Foods

New Song!

We just posted a new song "Not Much Has Changed"
Its on our bandcamp right now just for streaming.
In the coming week, after the tape demo's are released, all of the new songs will be available for a name your own price! For now, enjoy and tell your friends!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011


So as of today we have finished recording our newest demo.
We re-recorded three old songs and two new ones.
Although not really sure how these will be released, we have to master the tracks and then they will be up for streaming as soon as we can have them completely done!
We are very excited about the way these songs turned out and would like to thank Matt and Jeff at 8 houses down studios here in Denver for an awesome time. Also, thanks to our good friends in Citizen for helping out with some back up vocals! Lastly, thanks to everyone lately for all of the love and support, we really appreciate all of it!
Keep checking back for updates and videos (if I can ever get this flip cam thing figured out)!

P.S:  Go listen to our friends in Outlast from New Jersey, Truth Inside from Florida, Alert from Mass. and so many of the great newer bands coming out and keeping Youth Crew alive in 2011!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Quick update:
We will be recording at the end of June at the almighty 8 houses down studios here in Denver.
As for a release of the material, we will announce some cool news all in good time.
With that said, we dont have any shows lined up at the moment, but we will have some soon.
Lastly, we are working on some new designs for merch and hopefully when all that comes together, we will have a bigcarte store opening!
Thanks to everyone for their support lately, here and around the country!
We appreciate it all!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Delay In Submissions

Sorry to anyone who actually checks this out, for the lack of updates. But thank you to anyone who actually reads about us on here. I refuse to get a facebook account for this band. It may be easier but it would go against a lot that I started this band for.
Anyways, we are busy writing some new songs and preparing to play some more shows in the near future:

March 14th at the blastomat w/
Ill Intent
Dead Icons

April 1st in Cheyenne Wyoming w/
Crooked Ways
Sleeping Weather and tons more!

May 26th at the blastomat w/
The Carrier

These are still some of our first shows as this band, so if you can, come out and not only check us out but  support all of the hard working and deserving touring bands!

Other than that, we have some merch ideas in the works and we will be re-recording our demo with a new song. We are doing this to include Joe and Cole in the recordings of this band. The first demo is only Steve and I and Steve-O on it.
I just want them to feel more connected to the music that they are a great part of.

Lastly, summer schedules permitting, we might plan on doing a 4 day tour around the southwest. But we will keep everyone posted on this!

Thank you again for all the support from Denver and so many great bands from around the country!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So we didn't think we'd be playing again so soon, but thanks to our good friends in Tides and Warlord, we are able to share the stage with them and Cruel Hand on January 25th at the Oriental Theater in the highlands! Everyone come out and support cruel hand and local hardcore! 
We got a new surprise cover and we will have shirts in full effect! 
See ya there!

Perspective Crew