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Monday, December 27, 2010

thank you for reading...

Thank you to everyone and anyone who has read the lyrics and my explanations to them. I know some people like to interpret lyrics in their own way. I feel that my lyrics are pretty straight forward and don't hold any hidden messages.
I feel that hardcore is special and stands apart from other musical genres in the message it carries. It is empowering and can create as much as it destroys. The message of this music is a power that if used right can make a lot of changes to the world around us.
So, please, never give up. Always believe that this music is more than words, fashion, politics and popularity. Its a community that can make a difference.


Anybody who knows me well, knows that 3 years ago my life was changed drastically. On January 20th, 2008 I lost my mother to a gastric bypass surgery gone wrong. My mother suffered her whole life with diabetes and being obese. I spent most of my life seeing how much ridicule and embarrassment she lived with by being overweight. I saw how many nights she spent crying, wishing she was healthy and looked like everyone else. She underwent a surgery in hopes that she could overcome her fears and live a long and healthy life. When it all went the other direction, thats when I learned a lot about myself.
My mother was the most compassionate person I have ever known. Her selflessness was unmatched. She taught me more than I could ever express.
Despite the amounts of love and happiness I received from her, holding her hand as she passed and watching my father cry that day and wondering what was going to happen to us and the feeling so lost and empty was unfathomable.
The easiest solution for me was to be negative about everything in life. I turned the ones closest to me away. I locked all of my emotions inside and threw away the key. This is when the learning began. Hit after hit, I played with death 5 times. Laying in my own blood, showed me that the negativity we choose to live in because of the unfortunate events we endure is our choice. That it is no one else's fault or doing. We choose, as individuals, to live in darkness, and only we can pull ourselves out.
At this time, I still remembered what my mother's voice sounded like and she haunted my dreams, and I could hear her tell me to be strong and stop being self loathing. That life is beautiful. That life is worth loving.
As three years have passed, I may have forgotten her voice and her touch, but I still remember all that she taught me. Love is real. Compassion is real. Empathy is one of the best traits we can have. Selflessness is a virtue. And non-violence can break down walls.
This song was not written because I am sad or mad. Its the opposite. Its a song that should teach people that growing and striving to be a better person doesn't come easy. We may lose are main beacons of light, and be forced to carry on alone in the dark, but thats the true test of our will and humanity. To be negative is easy, but to stay positive and pick yourself up takes so much effort that we are easily scared by the road we have to endure to change.

"You are never strong enough that you don't need help"-Cesar Chavez


Punk rock is more than a style. Many will disagree. But I know for myself, the whole leather jacket with patches, bondage pants, combat boots, liberty spikes and binge drinking never really clicked with me. But the message and ideals of the music held on tight to me. Many bands messages were always the quotes in my head. The music was my soundtrack to life. I never fit in. Rancid once said, "When I got the music, I got a place to go." I found a sense of peace and belonging in my headphones.
As time went on, I have found myself graduating college but always scraping to get by. I have older people in life, including my father, asking when I was going to grow up and get a "real" job. Out of respect I have always answered with a simple "I dont know."
My beliefs stand firm with the basic value that, I cannot live happily in excess in knowing that there are children and hardworking families starving and are unable to afford the basic necessities of life. I used to think that I needed all the new things to be happy. But thats when "consciousness" of compassion opened me up to realize that life is what we make it. That if we strive and suffer for the things we don't need we'll end up in a cycle of suffering. But once we realize that once we love ourselves and can take care of us, we can reach out and attempt to help others. The government, the very small rich elite and the corporations are definitely not going to help us. Once we realize that solidarity needs to be achieved amongst one another, then we can see change happen. We as humans, with ideas and ideals, have the capability to do so much. We have short time in this life, don't waste it by contently sitting and accepting all that life is to be finite. We have wings that are too big and too bright to be contained by the cages we have been put in. Help one another. Care about each other. Compassion isn't weak. Change is possible and inevitable, but be the change before it changes you.

"On This Path"

When I set out to write lyrics for this song, I had a special quote in mind that I wanted to base the idea of the lyrics around. "On this path, no effort goes to waste..."-Krsna.
Now Perspective is not a Krsna band, spiritual or religious band. Our members come from different backgrounds and hold different beliefs. This quote reminded me, though, of a more broad idea. 
In life, and more so in hardcore, it is easy to become jaded and calloused to the ever changing nature of the scene. The older kids hate the younger kids. The younger kids feel like they have to live up to the older kids and so on and so forth. Anyways, being an adult that still loves hardcore, I constantly hear remarks on how hardcore is "childish" and it is inevitable to move on. Although I agree in some senses, I still believe that nothing in this world is less in worth when it come to believing in its personal quality.
If we are so easy to give up on something we love, what's worth living life for? As time goes on, excitement and anxiousness is lost. It seems harder to start something, but I feel that its harder to maintain something, to keep the flame alive and keep your mind focused to keep that thing important.
I don't know where anyone will be tomorrow or years down the road, including myself, but I do know that I will not look back and regret all that I've learned and loved from this part of life.

Warzone - Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Street

just a side note: Warzone=Amazing

RIP Raybeez

"Led To Believe"

This was the first song written musically for this band. It was kinda like the song that set the pace and the stage for what Perspective would sound like. As for the lyrics, before I set out to actually write lyrics I had ideas. Some on the straight edge, others on equal rights, etc. But its easy to see the obvious things in life that are bigger than ourselves and criticize them. But how often do we look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that we are wrong. That the lives we lead are a lie. That time spent on petty things is a waste of time that could be spent really appreciating life and all it has to offer.
A while ago I deleted my personal profiles off of social networking sites like myspace and facebook. One day I took a deep look at my profiles and at a clock and started to realized how much time I spent maintaining and fabricating this second life on the internet. Then it hit harder when I realized that all I was doing was trying to impress others and create a value in a "friend count" and make up stories about myself and using other peoples creative inventions to individualize myself. Lastly, I realized how worked up I would get on what someone would say over the internet or other activities and how much I would let my mind sit on those typed words and pictures.
After that day I started to notice how many of us can only relate to one another and the world around us through a computer screen. Also, it made me notice that we would see all these things on the computer and it would blind us to seeing all that we can be and distract us by showing us all that we "needed". All the material "necessities" we have to have to be happy.
Punk rock and hardcore is a lifestyle some of us choose and others just naturally relate to. We cant relate to the standards in "normal" life. Some of us find salvation and refuge in a garage listening to a band playing fast music and running in a circle in sync to the music. Being 26 years old, Im told it is wrong to still believe in this music. Ive been told to "grow up" and live a normal life where I can make more money so I can be happy and secure.
Society has told us that we should be more concerned on how we look, on what we buy and that the newest and most expensive things will only make us happy. Thats why we see a new cell phone released every couple of months. They tell us that this is all we need to stay happy with ourselves.
But I still believe that music with a message, and a crappy old garage with a bad PA system, and a band playing punk rock can change the world. That all these kids in a room with a common love for something can show the rest of the people that society is wrong.
None of this can happen though, until we all look in the mirror and realize that we are so much more than we are all led to believe.

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Better Times"

This song musically, when Steve and I wrote it, was our favorite. When I set out to write lyrics for this song, the words of a close friend (Zach) came to mind. He told me that the music itself can tell a story even without lyrics. Welp, I am no storywriter. But the music reminded me, with all of its tempo changes, of life. That we as humans have the capacity to change our outlooks on stigmas that society has been placed for us that we have blindly followed.
Now I know that its a far fetched dream to change the entire world and all of its people to be open minded to diversity, but I'll never sit down and not believe that as a community of punk and hardcore kids we cannot change.
Certain words are used by many to describe something that is not acceptable, whether its the way someone drives, the test you have tomorrow in class, the way someone's acting, etc. But certain words have been created and devised with a particular meaning by society to set those who are "different" apart from everyone. To make them feel like they are inferior to the "norm", like who they are is wrong.
The words "Faggot", "queer" or even "homo"  is an unwarranted way to express disapproval of someone and what they do, especially in a progressive community like the punk community. We are meant to empower one another. We are all black sheep in the eyes of society. We band together because we can relate to each other in one way or another. But to put down someone for whatever reason by using any term that relates to someone who is a homosexual is counter-productive and promotes hate and the acceptance of words that are used to bring others down.
When we all see that we can change this world just within our community starting by creating solidarity and tolerance, only then will we see that this can be a platform to change much much more in such a messed up world. Look in the mirror, look at yourself, and really ask if you'd like to be called a name that made you feel uncomfortable for being who you are and what you naturally feel.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Limits of Control"

This was the last song written musically for the demo, but the first song written lyrically and also my real first attempt at writing lyrics for an entire song.
Change is inevitable. Things often happen that we dont want to have happen. Sometimes those things are so out of our hands that we start to feel hopeless. We question whether life is worth trying. The past 4 years of my life have tested me and put me through some of the hardest realities I've ever had to face. But as the dust settled, I discovered that no matter what happens, life continues on, but thats the real test of human condition....
We can either crawl in a hole or stand with our arms wide open and embrace all that life has to offer. Its so easy for people to discover that negativity is an optional alternative to deal with the turns that life puts in front of us. Its easier to act "hard" and say we hate everything and shun the very idea of being positive. I led myself down that path. A dark place filled with self doubt, suicide, hate, confusion and an overall terrible way to live.
But once I realized, that just because life wasn't going the way I wanted it to, that didn't mean that the whole idea of living was worth nothing. It just meant I was too lazy to change myself and admit that I was the one who was wrong, and that if I wanted things to change and be better, then that change had to start within myself.
Overall, this song is one that I hope someone can read and find that little light in themselves to make their own lives better and focus on themselves and their faults before thinking that the world needs to change around them.


Limits of Control
The first time in a while,
The first time, calm & collected,
My mind is clear and straight.
Approaching each new day with a new sense of life.
Learning whats important to me & living whats inside.
My lasting values never seem to ever fade.
This is my life, out of step.
My life has meaning, its my peace of mind.
Im walking on my own for the first time in my life,
But I haven’t lost what I loved down the line.
Growing up doesn’t mean your heart dies cuz this room and these
Words keep me alive.

Better Times
No longer hoping for a better time, these feelings I have I know aren’t only mine.
There’s meaning behind many words,
Improvised and used for the purpose to hurt.
Not a second thought or a second guess
To a heart just broken or a face distressed.
Ignorance has been bred, while tolerance hangs by a thread.
Will you be there, will you be there, standing beside me?
I never claimed to have all the truths, I never said I can give you any proof.
Its as simple as opening our minds
& leaving the hatred we’ve learned behind.
These are our lives & our beliefs that we cherish and hold.
Will you be there, will you be there beside me?
As our whispers turn to prayers, for the better times in this life.

Led To Believe
So easy to judge, so easy to say,
Live to criticize every single day.
All life lost behind a screen,
Left to create lies and no truth redeemed.
Searching for my place in life.
Yet uncertain if what I feel is right.
Everyday we look in a mirror
But all we see is what only appears.
Too afraid to face the fact,
That who we are is only an act.
What can be done? When will we see?
The answer is clear that we can be so much more
Than we’re led to belive.
Our lives are great.
No more cries, no more fear, no more hate.
We’re so much more than we’re led to believe.

I could never find the right words to say,
Of how much you affect me in every way.
Your voice, your smile,
Something unfamiliar for quite a while.
Sometimes the pain is too much to bear.
Looking for your face but finding it nowhere.
I cant help but look back at the time I’ve lost,
And wonder what went wrong.
You taught me how to love and be strong
But I wonder how long that will last
As each new day goes by I lose more and more of you.
I now see what you saw. Something I never wanted to believe.
Now I need the chance to admit I was wrong, the chance to say goodbye.
All I need is one more second to say goodbye.

On This Path
Its never a waste, there’s plenty of time.
Here for a reason, we use our minds,
A capacity for so much more,
The need to change more than ever before.
We need to see this is more than words.
That our efforts will not go to waste,
And our voices will not go unheard.
There’s one right time and its right now.
We’re on a path that we have to find.
We’re not alone, but it will take some time.
Change starts here, within ourselves.
Once we see it wont fix itself.
Call me a dreamer, call me a fool.
But when you’ve left behind all you loved,
Ill carry on my life sincere and true.
We’re on our paths that we’ll have to find and face.
No one can show you what you need its all on you.

I cant stop these feelings I have
Yet I’m told everyday that I’m wrong.
Cant change who I am.
And I wont change for you.
I woke up today and realized
What’s important to others, isn’t important to me.
To obtain everything we can & forget about our fellow man.
Material success and a dollar sign,
Used to measure who we are inside.
Happiness lies in what we obtain,
and excess is the only way.
You look at me and what do you see?
Everything you wish your life could be.
The brightest color, the largest wings
Not meant for a cage, or just mere dreams.
These eyes I have, can only see what I believe is right for me.
I cant open your eyes, or change what you think.
All I can do is live this life, the only way I know how.
This is my perspective, on life….


To everyone that got a demo last night and it doesnt work. Im guessing the files were corrupted so here's a link that will allow you to download the demo! Thank you again to everyone!


Monday, December 6, 2010


There are a lot of people that have helped in this band already! Since its a long list I figured this would be the best place for them!

Zach and Bubba of Crooked Ways- for helping with filling in and sharing their gear.
Mark Frandsen- for all of his support as a friend and hard work in all he does for our scene.
Steve-O Smith- for his inspiration on me as a person and all of his hard work for this band
BANKROBBER- all the members for sharing Steve and sharing their practice space
Crooked Ways- for all of their support
Citizen- for all of their support and sharing Cole
Joe McElliot- for all of his hard work in recording our demo and putting up with me
Rachel Gierlach- for all of her hard work on our amazing demo layout and design and photos
Jani Smith- for all of her design work help and dealing with me
My dad- for putting up with us every week while we make noise in the basement
Andrew from Blackout Print Designs- for his hard work
Jim Berres- for his input and being a great friend
Bryson Ross- for inspiration
Sarah Leddy- for inspiration
The Blast-O-Mat and everyone there- for providing an all ages and DIY venue to our city
All of our close friends and girlfriends for being supportive and allowing us to do what we love.
and lastly, but not in the mere least, the Straight Edge.

The Outlook

Perspective first started a year ago with just two members (steve and alvino) writing songs with the hopes of starting a straight ahead hardcore/punk band. Although we were both busy with our full time bands (crooked ways and BANKROBBER) we still found the time to practice once a week and write some songs. After a long while,  we finally found our two other members to join us and finish what we started. Joe (guitar) and Cole (bass) joined at the perfect time. Having to learn songs they didnt write and learn a style of playing that isn't theirs, they both quickly have stepped up to the plate. Our very good friend Steve-O Smith cannot go unmentioned. Steve-O, very busy with school and his family and his job found the small amount of free time he had to play bass with us and even record our demo. But with time permitting had to take a step away and focus on his life.

Over a year later since its conception, Perspective, is now a band. We set out to do this project, not to promote the Straight Edge or to change the scene or world, but to bring about a band that would tell a story through personal experiences and show others that there's more to life than what we see. That the negativity and darkness we choose to dwell in is truly a choice. That to obtain a better life is a choice and a choice only we ourselves can obtain and make. Although a band where every member is Straight Edge, Perspective is not a band to preach a lifestyle which we choose to be a personal choice and one for self-betterment.

As time goes on, I will post an explanation for every song on our demo. This is the first time where my writing, lyrically, will be heard beyond me reading them to myself in my room. I have been on stage for years now and have always been a guitar player. But now I have put my guitar in the hands of Joe and have taken the microphone and the voice for this band. This is not for egotistical reasons. I am deathly afraid of talking in front of people. This is more for the purpose to tell my story. To show others the hell I've been through. To show that there is more to a person than the surface. This is in hopes to show others that positivity does belong in hardcore and in life. I believe that just because you are compassionate, empathetic and positive does not make you weak. In fact, facing what drags you down and fighting your inner demons and still finding the strength to stand on your own two feet and carry on with a smile on your face is the true human spirit and not dwelling in our sorrows and negativity to show how "hard" our lives are, like its a reason for self entitlement. These songs are my stories and advice to the world.

Hardcore/Punk is something that is sacred to me. 26 years of life has shown me that I am different than the rest of society. I refuse to follow downstream with everyone else. I will fight upstream and live a life that is right for me and show the world that we are so much more than we are led to believe.