Sunday, December 19, 2010


Limits of Control
The first time in a while,
The first time, calm & collected,
My mind is clear and straight.
Approaching each new day with a new sense of life.
Learning whats important to me & living whats inside.
My lasting values never seem to ever fade.
This is my life, out of step.
My life has meaning, its my peace of mind.
Im walking on my own for the first time in my life,
But I haven’t lost what I loved down the line.
Growing up doesn’t mean your heart dies cuz this room and these
Words keep me alive.

Better Times
No longer hoping for a better time, these feelings I have I know aren’t only mine.
There’s meaning behind many words,
Improvised and used for the purpose to hurt.
Not a second thought or a second guess
To a heart just broken or a face distressed.
Ignorance has been bred, while tolerance hangs by a thread.
Will you be there, will you be there, standing beside me?
I never claimed to have all the truths, I never said I can give you any proof.
Its as simple as opening our minds
& leaving the hatred we’ve learned behind.
These are our lives & our beliefs that we cherish and hold.
Will you be there, will you be there beside me?
As our whispers turn to prayers, for the better times in this life.

Led To Believe
So easy to judge, so easy to say,
Live to criticize every single day.
All life lost behind a screen,
Left to create lies and no truth redeemed.
Searching for my place in life.
Yet uncertain if what I feel is right.
Everyday we look in a mirror
But all we see is what only appears.
Too afraid to face the fact,
That who we are is only an act.
What can be done? When will we see?
The answer is clear that we can be so much more
Than we’re led to belive.
Our lives are great.
No more cries, no more fear, no more hate.
We’re so much more than we’re led to believe.

I could never find the right words to say,
Of how much you affect me in every way.
Your voice, your smile,
Something unfamiliar for quite a while.
Sometimes the pain is too much to bear.
Looking for your face but finding it nowhere.
I cant help but look back at the time I’ve lost,
And wonder what went wrong.
You taught me how to love and be strong
But I wonder how long that will last
As each new day goes by I lose more and more of you.
I now see what you saw. Something I never wanted to believe.
Now I need the chance to admit I was wrong, the chance to say goodbye.
All I need is one more second to say goodbye.

On This Path
Its never a waste, there’s plenty of time.
Here for a reason, we use our minds,
A capacity for so much more,
The need to change more than ever before.
We need to see this is more than words.
That our efforts will not go to waste,
And our voices will not go unheard.
There’s one right time and its right now.
We’re on a path that we have to find.
We’re not alone, but it will take some time.
Change starts here, within ourselves.
Once we see it wont fix itself.
Call me a dreamer, call me a fool.
But when you’ve left behind all you loved,
Ill carry on my life sincere and true.
We’re on our paths that we’ll have to find and face.
No one can show you what you need its all on you.

I cant stop these feelings I have
Yet I’m told everyday that I’m wrong.
Cant change who I am.
And I wont change for you.
I woke up today and realized
What’s important to others, isn’t important to me.
To obtain everything we can & forget about our fellow man.
Material success and a dollar sign,
Used to measure who we are inside.
Happiness lies in what we obtain,
and excess is the only way.
You look at me and what do you see?
Everything you wish your life could be.
The brightest color, the largest wings
Not meant for a cage, or just mere dreams.
These eyes I have, can only see what I believe is right for me.
I cant open your eyes, or change what you think.
All I can do is live this life, the only way I know how.
This is my perspective, on life….

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