Sunday, June 19, 2011


So as of today we have finished recording our newest demo.
We re-recorded three old songs and two new ones.
Although not really sure how these will be released, we have to master the tracks and then they will be up for streaming as soon as we can have them completely done!
We are very excited about the way these songs turned out and would like to thank Matt and Jeff at 8 houses down studios here in Denver for an awesome time. Also, thanks to our good friends in Citizen for helping out with some back up vocals! Lastly, thanks to everyone lately for all of the love and support, we really appreciate all of it!
Keep checking back for updates and videos (if I can ever get this flip cam thing figured out)!

P.S:  Go listen to our friends in Outlast from New Jersey, Truth Inside from Florida, Alert from Mass. and so many of the great newer bands coming out and keeping Youth Crew alive in 2011!

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