Friday, February 25, 2011

Delay In Submissions

Sorry to anyone who actually checks this out, for the lack of updates. But thank you to anyone who actually reads about us on here. I refuse to get a facebook account for this band. It may be easier but it would go against a lot that I started this band for.
Anyways, we are busy writing some new songs and preparing to play some more shows in the near future:

March 14th at the blastomat w/
Ill Intent
Dead Icons

April 1st in Cheyenne Wyoming w/
Crooked Ways
Sleeping Weather and tons more!

May 26th at the blastomat w/
The Carrier

These are still some of our first shows as this band, so if you can, come out and not only check us out but  support all of the hard working and deserving touring bands!

Other than that, we have some merch ideas in the works and we will be re-recording our demo with a new song. We are doing this to include Joe and Cole in the recordings of this band. The first demo is only Steve and I and Steve-O on it.
I just want them to feel more connected to the music that they are a great part of.

Lastly, summer schedules permitting, we might plan on doing a 4 day tour around the southwest. But we will keep everyone posted on this!

Thank you again for all the support from Denver and so many great bands from around the country!


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